We use these books in all of our coaching and training programs for executives and teams.



Agility is the ability to rapidly identify– and respond to– change.

The Culture Game is the book for managers who are seeking more agility and much more engagement for their team, their department and the wider enterprise. The book is a road map for applying Agile BEYOND software. It that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization.

The Culture Game is your tutorial and reference guide for taking learning and productivity in your organization to the next level. Inside this book you will find all the tools you need to get results– applying Agile BEYOND software– right now.

This book teaches the game mechanics of org-level change and Agile BEYOND software. It teaches how you can start- RIGHT NOW- with your meeting and interactions, to begin immediately getting more of what you say you want. This is the book for team members, teams, managers and executives who want to dramatically improve organizational results- and CULTURE- by starting small and inviting EMERGENCE to take over.

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OpenSpace Agility™ is a repeatable technique for getting a rapid, genuine and lasting Agile adoption. OpenSpace Agility can be used to effectively introduce any kind of change into any kind of organization. It works with what you are currently doing, and can be added at any time.

OpenSpace Agility encourages very high levels of human engagement. It incorporates the power of invitation, iteration, Open Space, game mechanics, passage rites, storytelling and more…so that real and authentic change in your organization can actually take root.

The Open Space meeting format is a primary tool of OpenSpace Agility. The OpenSpace Agility method leverages the amazing power of iteration and the Open Space meeting format to help you get genuine and lasting success with your Agile adoption program.

With this handbook, you will learn how implement the OpenSpace Agility method. You’ll learn about how invitation, iteration, Open Space, game mechanics, passage rites, executive storytelling (and more) can be used to achieve a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. Inside this book, you’ll find specific, actionable step-by-step guidance on implementing the method. You will discover:

  • Why people power the Agile practices, not the other way around
  • Why engagement is an essential ingredient in any successful Agile adoption
  • How invitation increases engagement, passion and responsibility
  • How to immediately put the OpenSpace Agility method to work … in your organization

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